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Automated Uniform Room Systems

Hospitals – Hotels – Casinos

Our Scrub management system allows you to take back control of your scrubs distribution.

Our systems will save your property money, by reducing your scrub losses.

Dispensers and Receivers work on a credit and debit basis, working together to limit the number of clean scrubs in circulation, and ensuring staff return the scrubs they have. Simple!

Our dispenser can cater for any number of staff, the dispenser is available in a range of compartment sizes.

Staff obtain clean scrubs using their staff ID-badge.

Providing staff have credit in their account they can obtain clean scrubs. Once their credit limit is reached, typically after 3 sets, they will be declined further issue.

Staff must return scrubs through the receiver, gaining credit, so they can continue to obtain clean scrubs.

The system is secure, only authorized staff can use the system.

Returned scrubs are recorded against the correct user and are digitally photographed to ensure no abuse of the system.


Our scrub systems can work with or without RFID tracking.

Our alternative range of RFID scrub cabinets are ideal for storing, issuing and tracking scrubs that have fitted RFID ‘chips’. Please do enquire.

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