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Locker-Bag storage that will save money, space and labor at your property

Automated Uniform Room Systems

Hospitals – Hotels – Casinos

Locker-bags provide an automated space-saving alternative to traditional locker rooms, providing staff with an automated solution for the storage of personal items and clothes while on shift.

Our configurable range of storage conveyors provide staff with secure automated access to a personal locker-bag.

Using their ID-badge staff can collect their bag automatically from the system.

The conveyor will deliver the locker-bag to the secure access point where the bag can be collected.

The locker-bag, after use, is returned back on to the conveyor in the same way.

Optionally – staff uniforms can be loaded in the bags so staff can be issued with clean uniforms at the time of collecting their bag.

Any uniforms loaded with the bag that are subsequently removed will be automatically scanned and tracked as issued.

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